The documentation and evaluation of your project should be thought of at the planning stage of your project/session. Why is it important

Documentation can:

  • Provide you with material for publication purposes
  • Create a record or everyone who’s been involved to enjoy and share
  • Provide a visual example of your work to show others

Evaluation can:

  • Help you assess the success of your project (qualitatively and quantitatively) and whether you have achieved you aims and outcomes – or indeed some unexpected outcomes
  • Inform your plans for future projects

Depending on the nature of your project you could consider all sorts of ways to document and evaluate your project:

  • Taking photographs of work in progress as well as the final performance
  • Make video or audio recordings
  • Use questionnaires and interviews at different stage of the project to build a picture of the process of a participatory process, or capture a ‘case study’
  • Carry out audience surveys to judge responses
  • Use an outside evaluator if your project could be a useful case study for others

When using images of participants you must be aware of current GDPR legislation:

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Devise an evaluation feedback questionnaire for your music sessions

Can you think of more creative ways of gathering feedback from participants?

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