Reflective Practice is an essential skill for community music practitioners, it helps you Improve your personal effectiveness as a music teacher, facilitator or enabler.

The basic cycle is

Reflective Practice Cycle


Do: Run a workshop or music project

Reflection: Think about what you did, noting what went well, what could have been done better, any problems

Review: make some general observations, why did things go well, how could you prevent things going wrong in future?

Revise: the next event bearing in mind your observations

Then you go and Do again and so on . . .

Within your reflection you may want to follow this sequence:

  • What Happened, describe it in total and identify any major problems/successes
  • What you felt about it,
  • Why you think the thing happened the way it did and how you can scrutinise and interpret what's happened.
  • How will you change your next session?

My simple example:

  • I ran a workshop and everyone liked it
  • I felt relieved that they liked it
  • I had prepared well, and was able to add extra activities from to accommodate slow learners
  • I’ll always make a plan and make sure that I learn some more extra activities


Think of a recent music session and write down everything that happened

Apply your reflection to the session


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