Hungarian Sample Project

Creating and performing a tale based on elements from Hungarian folk songs and tales with the children of “Élmény Tár Tanoda” in Pécs

Subjective Values Foundation (SVF) has been implementing artistic and cultural projects with various youth groups since its inception in 2002, always keeping social inclusion in the focus, and battling against racism, intolerance, and all forms of exclusion. In the past ten years, SVF has been an active member of the European ROOTS & ROUTES Network, which creates interdisciplinary projects with young artists, promoting social and cultural diversity in arts and media. The ROOTS & ROUTES projects often use the peer coaching methodology, where new skills are learned and best practices are shared by an exchange of experiences and knowledge between young people. These projects have a strong emphasis on helping the inclusion of underpivileged youth.

SVF is also active in the field of education, especially in running training programs that aim to help the economic and cultural integration of third-country nationals living in Hungary.

In the MusInc project we aimed to combine and utilize these previously tested methodologies in order to create a short artistic program that is in harmony with the values of inclusion and self-expression through art that the foundation promotes. Furthermore as the concept of “community musician” is virtually unknown in Hungary yet (see also the summary of the Hungarian needs analysis), the program we organized also served as an introduction to working in the community musician way for the musicians who conducted the program. So the program had a twofold goal: to provide an interactive, inclusive musical activity for underprivileged children, and to provide a “train the trainers” activity for the musicians who have not worked as community musicians before.

It’s important to note that we involved the two musicians in the project at an earlier stage in order to prepare them for the activity they were to lead: they attended the short-term joint staff training event in Latvia to get acquainted with the project and how community musician activities are conducted.

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Description of the project

Achievement of objectives

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