Latvian Sample Project

Folk dance group „Dandari” creative camp in Lielvārde



In their everyday life project participants participate in University of Latvia folklore group „Dandari”. The group offers to everyone of interest to practically get acquainted with Latvian folklore and traditional culture materials- annual celebrations, family traditions, a wide song, game, couple and many couple dance repertoire. The participants get acquainted and make (purchase) different region traditional costumes, which are used when performing, some use the chance to learn to play traditional music instruments. The participants of the ensemble regularly take part in performances- folklore concerts and festivals, traditional celebration performances in city environment, lead master classes and Latvian traditional culture presentations for foreign guests. The group was originally oriented towards the non-formal education of students for University of Latvia, but now the former students continue to participate in it after finishing studies, as well as all interested are involved, independently from former experience or study/work place.

Background and Aim

Ensemble members regularly meet in 2,5-3 hour lessons twice a week, where they in the supervision of leaders- specialists carry out dance training lessons, learn and repeat dance and song repertoire. The lessons are rather intensive and during that time the participants do not have time for individual conversations, with things that are not related to the content of the lesson. Because of this the participants organize a  creative camps twice a year - a common weekend outing with staying overnight, during which the participants socialize – in a non-formal atmosphere the participants, who  in everyday life work in different fields, better know each other, talk about casual things, hobbies, do common activities (make food, plan leisure activities, etc.)- which is a typical teambuilding event and in perspective provides a better social environment, cooperation in the collective. This is very important, when planning group activities in concerts, festivals, long lasting concert journeys. Beside in the creative camp’s program there is given the possibility to gain additional knowledge, which extends the view of traditional culture. Local tradition holders are invited to introduce the specific places traditions, characteristic song repertoire; different handicraft skills are acquired- to make details for costumes or jewelry; to get acquainted with different folk traditional dances.

The event’s organizational (planning, agreeing on a place, reservation, catering, sleeping, etc.) tasks are done by the participants themselves (not the leaders), thus developing organizational skills. Also various lessons are led by the participants of the ensemble, using their skills and knowledge, which are connected with their professional work or hobbies.

Table of contents

Detailed description of the most important events

Achievement of objectives

Individual Case Study


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