UK Sample Project - Make Music, Make a Change


Achievement of outcomes

Outcome 1:

New pieces and arrangements were created across the scope of the project, so this outcome was successful. We found ourselves using quite a bit of traditional material, but also writing some new pieces, including new songs.

Some of the pieces are available to view at:

Outcome 2:

Groups were formed across the county and took part in performances, so this element of the outcome was successful, but in rural areas we found it harder to engage large numbers of audience, mostly due to population density.

Visit for video evidence of a concert

Outcome 3:

Emerging music leaders were able to learn from experienced workers, and to begin to lead some of the work themselves. Emerging leader Jon Dyer said: BLAH BLAH. Best practice has been shared with other organisations through reports and training opportunities, including the Erasmus+ visit!

Outcome 4:

The success of this outcome is less clear. We have certainly strengthened our relationship with some of the providers we worked with, and are being approached for further work. However, it is unclear whether the project attracted any extra participants to our open-access groups.

Outcome 5:

This outcome was extremely successful and has had long-lasting effects for Wren in terms of understanding volunteers and their needs and what they are able to bring to the project. many of the volunteers are still engaged in the settings we work with regularly

Unintended outcomes or by-products:

There are various unexpected outcomes, including long-term volunteering after the project has finished, and even a career change for one volunteer: “The experience has been great and it's inspired me to want to work with SEN (Special Educational Needs) adults… without the experience I don't think I would have even first applied for or let alone been given a job offer yesterday to work alongside SEN adults…brilliant!!!”

Alternative communication has played highly in this project and the enthusiasm with which volunteers and orchestra members undertook learning sign-language and Makaton symbols has been an unexpected outcome.

Also, the long-term effect on disability settings with which we work regularly has been evident in the increased ability and confidence towards music-making displayed by the clients.

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