As an individual freelance Community Musician you need to be able to look after yourself as a professional.

Find out if there is any support for small or micro businesses locally.

Things to remember when negotiating a contract

  • Is it a one –off session or part of a on-going project?
  • Where, When, How long?
  • Schedule/Timetable
  • Time of start and finish
  • Access to the venue to set up?
  • Fee?
  • Is there preparation time paid for?
  • Age of the group
  • Any previous work been done with the group?
  • Numbers expected?
  • Resources available?
  • What specific skills can you offer?

Useful links: https://www.unltd.org.uk/our-support/learning-area/start-up-business-planning


Draft a template for a contract of work. Ask a colleague to test it for you.

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