The Italian Multiplier Event was held in Empoli the 4th of July 2018. The project an the Intellectual Outputs were presented during a whole day dedicated to Community Music Day that was organised by Euridea with the support of the local municipality and the Centro studi Musicali "Ferruccio Busoni", in cooperation with the local Network of Old People's Educators as well.

The event was included in the program of the "Empoli July", a festival dedicated to all kind of music and musical activities.

Objectives of the event were:

  • disseminating knowledge about Musinc projects products (Sample projects, Quality Framework, etc.);
  • stimulating discussion about Community Music and the Community Musician role and reflection about the usefulness of specific training programs;
  • sharing techniques and methodologies through demonstrations and presentations of meaningful experiences of Community Music;
  • laying the foundation of a network of Community Music associations or individual Community Musicans.

To achieve these objective, a rich program of activities was laid out:

16.00 – 18.00

Workshops led by community musicans:

  • Paul Wilson (multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, educator, folk music researcher and founder of Wren Music, UK:;

Paukl WIlson

  • Giuseppe Calò (musician and music therapist, expert in working in social-rehabilitation centers);


  • Giuseppina Casarin (musician expert in Italian traditional folk music, teacher, director of "Voci dal Mondo" Choir established in Mestre:;


  • Olga Pavlenko (Centro Creazione Cultura:


18.15 – 20.00

Roundtable discussion with the participation of:

  • Mario Piatti (teacher of muscial pedagogy, writer, director of the online magazine;
  • Giuseppina Casarin;
  • Marylin Tucker (singer, fiounder and artistic director of Wren Music,UK)


ore 20.00

buffet dinner

ore 21.30

CoRe performance – choir of guest of old people homes in the Empolese/Valdelsa district, a project of the Network of Geriatric Educators of Old People's homes, directed by Simone Faraoni.


In preparing the event Euridea researched on the state of art of community music in the Empoli area through video-interviews to relevant actors (musicians and stakeholders) and collection of documents on existing projects.

Results were presented during the roundtable in the form of short videos.

107 people attended the event.

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