Association / Asociatia BRAT ONEST, NGO, was constituted in Feb 2010 in Onesti (a disfavoured former mono industrial  area in Romania) where, by volunteering and donations, using a previous experience in Adult Education (On Job Training (1999-2009)) we try to help disfavoured  +50 and 18-30 years  people to overcome the risk of social exclusion. As per BRAT ONEST Statute, organization's scope is to give educative, moral and material support to the disfavoured people from local area.

The first objective in order to reach this scope is to realize, by volunteering, Adult Education activities (e.g. non-formal education  related to:  ICT and English, music (choral and traditional folk), forum theatre, in order to improve adult learners' communication skills).

To realize the scope  and activities we have established partnerships with another local organizations, involved in Education and Culture, trying to facilitate the access of +50 and 18-30 years people at cultural activities:

Corala Armonia Ion Cuntan-  4 voices , 34 years activity, religious and secular music.

Conductor (till Aug 2017): Prof. Iulian Munteanu. (Note: From Sep 2017 he's the Conductor of the vocal and instrumental group Trotusana, part of Folklore Ensemble Doina Trotusului).

Folklore Ensemble Doina Trotusului-  55 years activity, traditional folk music and dance.

Actual  Leader:  Francisc Enasel.


Town Library Radu Rosetti Onesti, 89 years activity, modern facilities- from 2001- for: seminars, workshops, conferences, rehearsals, concerts, exhibitions.

In fact, this is the Cultural Center of the town starting from 2001.

Additional to the local activity we are involved in European Projects, funded by European Commission, dedicated to Active Citizenship and Adult Education (e.g. Speak Up, Take Part! (2010), TESST (2011-2013, ACT(2012-2014))

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