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NGO “Skaņumāja” was established in year 2006, with an aim to promote processes that relate to folk music - supporting folk music groups and individual musicians, as well as organising different events, concerts and festivals; preparing educational events - organising courses and camps; international cooperation.

The main priority of “Skaņumāja” at the moment is to develop playing skills of traditional musical instruments, to master the traditional repertoire and ways to use it practically. A special focus is made to the specifics of the tradition in different regions, to keep it and restore it. Those are different zithers, different diatonic accordion models that were played in the territory of Latvia, cymbals, mandolins, etc. This work includes identifying and getting to know the traditions that are still alive and documenting them, renovating the instruments and producing new ones, educating the masters and new players, preparing the educational materials, and also intensive promotional activities. A permanent interactive exhibition is being prepared in a place owned by the organisation, in Ogre municipality, to improve the possibility of getting the information and learn about this theme. publishing processes. The organisation in cooperation with Latvian National centre for culture regularly organises courses for playing traditional musical instruments for grownups, organises festival “Dzīvā mūzika” (Latvian for live music) for traditional music, also involves in different other projects.

All these activities support the growing interest about national and regional cultural traditions in Europe and in the World, how to use them in educational and cultural work What is more, it promotes the noted goals of the convencies of intangable cultural heritage and cultural diversity.


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