STJST2: Community Choir / Folklore Ensemble area of work

Name:     Spinning bees/ Sezatoare

MusInc- Sample Project Report STJST2 (Short Term Joint Staff Training).  

Introduction  Background and context:  the intended outcomes for this activity/project - Planning

A   Description of the activity/project including who were the target beneficiaries          -Organizing

B   How well were the outcomes achieved?   Dissemination                                                - Realizing 

C   Reflective Practice                                                                     - Thinking how to improve

CS  Case Study: Cristina                                                                                                                                

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* Short info concerning RO local projects related to  the themes of EU Partners' Sample Projects

** Program  MusInc Multiplier Event.RO


STJST2: Aria de lucru : cor comunitar / ansamblu folcloric

Nume: Sezatoare

Proiectul MusInc - Proiect esantion STJST2.

Planificarea STJST2: Context: rezultatele dorite pentru această activitate / proiect                       Introducere

Organizarea STJST2: Descrierea activității / proiectului care include grupul tinta de beneficiari          A

Realizarea STJST2:   Cât de bine au fost obținute rezultatele? Diseminarea                                             B

Practica reflexivă STJST2                                                                                                                                 C

Studiu de caz STJST2: Cristina                                                                                                                            CS

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Amintiți-vă STJST2 Video (înregistrari de la  evenimentul care a avut loc în biblioteca municipala Onesti - 21 aprilie 2017)

STJST2 Spinning bees part 1

STJST2 Spinning bees part 2

STJST2 Spinning bees part 3

STJST2 Spinning bees part 4

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