Through this project we needed to examine and develop three main concepts:

  • What is a community Musician? And what skills do they need?
  • What is Social Inclusion?
  • What role does ‘Traditional Folk Music” have to play in this process?

These questions were asked of musicians, commissioners of music projects, arts managers and local politicians.

Summary of findings:

What is a Community Musician?

We discovered that as a partnership across the different countries we had to work towards a shared understanding of the job role. There was recognition that the role can be fulfilled by either professional (paid) musician or in a voluntary capacity as a recognised leader within a group. It is the outcomes and the methods that define the job role. (We have tried to illustrate this through the description and review of real Sample Projects.)

What is Social Inclusion?

There were some variations on what this term means, is it about everyone playing a part or is that part of collective action? There was a shared idea that acceptance of ‘the other’ is a key concept.

What is Traditional Folk Music?

We included this question as some of the partners’ practice is rooted within the genre, and it gives us the European dimension, it is a music that has a role within the work practice and we can identify national, regional and local variations in style.

You can download the whole report here.

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