Italian Sample Project - CoRe

Choir of rest homes guests and carers in the “Empolese-Valdelsa” district

CoRe is a choir made up of guests of retirement homes of the “Empolese-Valdelsa” territory, their family members, volunteers and professional careers who work there. It is led by maestro Simone Faraoni, musician and professional choirmaster.

CoRe formed in 2010, thanks to the effort of an informal network of both residential and daily care services for old people that are all cooperating with the National Health Service. The network coordinates the activities of geriatric social educators working in those facilities. Actually, exchanges, debate, discussion, joint activities between some of these facilities started more than fifteen years ago and evolved in time in a continuous and deep relationship, with important effects on quality of life of guests.

Circondario Empolese – Valdelsa is a region with peculiar features: it is quite homogeneous but sprinkled with villages that preserve, each of them, their unique character and total autonomy. On the other hand, the region is exemplarily well integrated from the social, economic and cultural point of view. This allowed for the development of a set of shared tools and methodologies for the implementation of educational activities in services aimed at old people, based on reciprocal training, exchange of good practices, outcomes comparison and sharing of objectives and strategies.

Participants shared previous experiences in musical projects, collection of memories and fostering of autobiographical narration that educators were already carrying on in each facility.

No public financial contribution supports CoRe: All facilities backup it financially, contributing in equal parts in the rehearsals phase and taking care of production expenses for performances taking place in their town.

Table of contents

Intended outcomes

Description of the project

Achievement of objectives

Individual Case Study


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