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Choir of rest homes guests and carers in the “Empolese-Valdelsa” district

“Mirincoro” choir

Popular choir “Mirincoro”, organized by ARCI (Italian Cultural and Recreative Association), was started in February 2016.

It has the form of a collective choral workshop that uses traditional folk music exclusively.

Main goal of the project is offering to everybody a the opportunity to take part in a choir, with a primary, strong social connotation, where all those who want to sing can feel free to do it and are taken in.

Activities consist in a weekly session and some public performances that create a strong link between Mirincoro and the community.

The choir is led by Simone Faraoni and Ilaria Savini.

Mirincoro is open to adults who live in the area. Enrollment is free.

Participant don't have particular and acknowledged “deficit of social inclusion” (they don't belong to groups at risk of exclusion); however, their experience shows that the choir give to them an improvement in their quality of life due specifically to the relationships that the choir created between them and the rest of the group. The choir has therefore an effect in terms of social inclusion, due also to an increased feeling of self-esteem and well-being.

This is witnessed by the participants themselves trough direct verbal statement of these feelings (feeling good, the perceived therapeutic value - someone said “it's better than going to the psychotherapist's), or through the display of affection for the group, friendships that created or strengthened, etc.

This stands for a large number of participants. Some of them, in particular, show their satisfaction with special strength , showing and exaggerated enthusiasm, expressing gratitude for finding in the choir a way to relate to others, for feeling less alone and part of a project to which they take part.

Mirincoro gives an answer to a widespread need of inclusion, showing that borders between those who have and those who don't have the need of being included are weak and uncertain, and that creating such borders is sometimes dangerous (depending more on policy or identity-making logics): a need attributable to a more general need of community.

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