Romanian Sample Project - Spinning bees / Sezatoare

Community Choir / Folklore Ensemble

Onesti was built 60 years ago- especially for Refinery and Petrochemicals Platform, bringing lots of young people/ specialists from whole Romania on the area of former village Onesti – that’s why this became and was called in 70s and 80s “ The Town of Youth”-. Unfortunately, in the last 10-20 years Onesti became a disfavoured area with ageing population because of falling down this mono industrial platform.

BRAT ONEST and Armonia Local Choir- Onesti cooperation started in September 2011 due to European Grundtvig Partnership TESST (Traditional European Songs Singing Together), funded by European Commission 2011-2013. This cooperation have included local and trans national activities. In local activities (rehearsals, workshops, concerts) in Town Library or in Residential Centers we have involved too the Folklore Ensemble Doina Trotușului, because we keep  strong connection between traditional songs  and dances in order to increase interactivity.

In keeping with the theme of Musical inclusion and the role of traditional folklore music the Romanian project built on its ongoing relationship between the adult education partner Brat Onesti and the local community choir: Corala Armonia-Ion Cuntan conducted by prof. Iulian Muntean and Dance Group, part of Fundatia Doina Trotusului / Folklore Ensemble led by choreographer Francisc Enasel.

The activities demonstrated as part of the MusInc training event were inspired by on the old tradition from Romanian Villages, where women were meeting in cold season’s evenings (from Nov till Mar) for specific work (spinning hemp and wool) and socializing concerning life in Local Community.

Our proposals for interactive events were: traditional folk songs and dances from the main parts of Romania, well known by local participants and target audience.

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