Romanian Sample Project - Spinning bees / Sezatoare

Community Choir / Folklore Ensemble

Individual Case Study

Cristina Iscru- Soloist of ''Corala Armonia-Ion Cuntan''.

“ I like music since I was a child; often used to dream, to imagine myself on a stage, singing together with lots of people. In my childhood, I used to play this game with my friends: they were singing while I was conducting them.

Then, after many years, I visited a friend and he told me about a choir. I watched a video of them and I asked him to take me to their rehearsals. Since then, I became a member of that choir. It was in 2000 when I went there for the first time. I always loved that kind of music...and after few years I became the soloist of that choir.

The teacher who influenced me a lot was our conductor of that time, Mr. Andrei Gabor. He had already known me, since I was a child.....and he wasn't surprised at all when I first went to their rehearsals. I liked his kind of speaking about great musicians of the world, his kind of explaining lots of things about classical music or even how to breathe while singing. He used to conduct as if he was living in another dimension. And that 'piece of moment' soon became part of my everyday life. (Note from BRAT ONEST: Cristina’s life wasn’t easy; she had to fight, successfully till now, with a very difficult disease; maybe her belief and gift for music were aids during this fight).

Fortunately, we’ve met Asociatia BRAT ONEST ...and our choir succeeded in participating in some European projects. In a Grundtvig Project (TESST) we sang secular choral music together with another five choirs from different EU countries. Some of our Partners and Friends from TESST Project were interested to continue / develop our cooperation and learning process- sharing from their experience as “community musicians”. This time we sang Romanian & MusInc Partners’ traditional folk music for community; it was a great challenge, an unforgettable experience.

In both projects it was a pleasure to know lovely people from different European countries, to change ideas, opinions, to consider 'the song' a virtual passport to friendship.

When speaking about the rehearsals' atmosphere, I can easily mention the fact that Paul Wilson has the gift of creating such a pleasant and relaxing time, that you wouldn't like that rehearsal to finish anymore. I was also impressed by Ilaria, a nice person with a lovely voice. I'm so glad I had the opportunity to know people like them. They were also impressed by the way the Romanian Gypsy fiddlers played their instruments and accompanied us while singing. It was like a communion of people who used to speak the same language, that of music, although we were different nationalities.

We had to learn from their experience as community musicians and we try to make our best for the disfavoured people from our disfavored community.


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